Download the Women In Science book

Here you can download the digital version of the Women In Science book.  Women In Science digital book (English) The bookcover   Read more

RATS Theatre – a university scene

The British and American universities have a long tradition of having both stage and art gallery attached to the university environment where research and education can be examined and elucidated through artistic expression. International universities often have an active role outside their institutional boundaries and create long-term projects in less affluent areas to the educational [...] Read more

Maryam – the reference group

Rebecca Forsberg, supported by Arvsfonden worked with a group of students from Kista Folkhögskola around the script MARYAM. During the spring, the group met and recorded their own dreams of freedom, future and longing. These recordings will be a part of the audio drama MARYAM. Some in the group are also involved and will be [...] Read more


English Konstlov(e) har en pågående verksamhet för barn och unga under höst-, jul-, sport- och påsklov där de tillsammans med bland annat konstnärer får skapa och pröva konstnärliga uttryck. Read more

ADA FTW – reference group

While working on the show ADA FTW collaborated Rebecca Forsberg and actor Linda Lönnerfeldt with youth at YMCA center in Kista. The group met and worked with the script, where Ada’s issues and conflicts was raised. The dialogue led to the development of the script and the questions were later used in the interaction with [...] Read more

I’m your body

Creates a virtual and physical network of stories, commentaries and interventions related to physical locations. Anyone can play anywhere. Anything can be included. The profit is an active participation in the public sphere. I’m Your Body is an ongoing project. The project is a tool, and a game developed for mobile phones. The game is [...] Read more


In spring 2010, we worked in workshops that dealt with identity, our public and private rooms. If people’s own experiences, fantasies and stories in Järva area. With cell phones and the blog as a tool, we made personal descriptions and created their own stories. In spring 2010, we worked in workshops that dealt with identity, [...] Read more

Antigone Scene 1-12

An art project by artist Johanna Gustafsson Fürst based in the district Kista Rinkeby and drama Antigone diary. Antigone Scene 1-12 takes place at 12 locations in Husby where Johanna made ​​public temporary sculptures that interventions in urban space. Johanna’s work serves both as independent art projects and set design for Antigone booklet where the [...] Read more

Antigones diary – grows

In 2010, we worked with young peoples own narrative. With the support of Innovativ Kultur, Rebecca Forsberg worked with eight young girls from Vår tester in Husby on issues from the ancient drama Antigone. The questions from the drama became a part of the play where young people could interact through SMS, Who listens to [...] Read more

Samvetets stigar – The conscience paths

Samvetets Stigar – (The conscience paths) conversations with five Stockholmers in different ways raises the questions Antigone diary takes up. In collaboration with the Stockholm City Museum did Rebecca Medici interviews about the internal and external conflicts, courage and integrity. In collaboration with the Stockholm City Museum did Rebecca Medici five interviews with Stockholm who [...] Read more