Women In Science

Women in Science is a modern trilogy about historical female scientists. Selected women are highlighted together with great scientific discoveries as well as research of today.

The trilogy also challenges traditional theater. All three plays explore the opportunities of how performing arts can meet the audience in new ways, through technology.

The three plays included in the trilogy are:

Lise & Otto – one play on two stages About Lise Meitner and the discovery of nuclear fission.

ADA FTW – live theater on your mobile device About Ada Lovelace and the first computer language.

Maryam – takes the theater to the city streets About Maryam al-Ijliya and the astrolabe, the GPS of the Middel Ages.

In the winter 2013 this trilogy was played at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Sweden.

Lise & Otto was simultaneously performed in Husby and Stockholm. ADA FTW was shown on big screens and mobile devices through the internet and Maryams story could be followed through a mobile app in Husby at the same time as people walked the story in Stockholm.