Performing dramatic works using hypermodern techniques and research, RATS Theatre sparks dialogues about today’s biggest issues. Since April 2016, RATS Theatre has been a research scene linked to Stockholm University.

But since the start in 2008, the theater’s activities began to involve research in different ways. Below you will find a selection of articles, essays, seminars and lectures that have been developed together with RATS Theatre.


Rossitto Chiara, Barkhuus Louise, Normark Maria – Interactive Performance as a Means of Civic Dialogue. Received an honourable mention at CHI 2017,  in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Love Ekenberg, Karin Hansson, Mats Danielson, Göran Cars et al. – Deliberation, Representation, Equity: Research Approaches, Tools and Algorithms for Participatory Processes. (p. 161-177)


Rossitto Chiara, Barkhuus Louise –Acting with Technology: Rehearsing for Mixed-Media Live Performances. Submitted to CHI 2016, in San Jose, California, USA.


Rossitto Chiara, Barkhuus Louise, Engström Arvid – Interweaving place and story in a location based audio drama. Submitted to CHI 2015, the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Korea, Seul.

Hansson, Karin – Performing the Common. The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.


Cerratto-Pargman Tessy, Rossitto Chiara, Barkhuus Louise –Understanding Audience Participation in an Interactive Theater Performance (2014) NordiCHI 2014, the Nordic Conference in Human-Computer Interaction. ACM Press: New York.

Ernst, Manilla, Sauter, Willmar – ”Antigone’s Diary – A Mobile Urban Performance in a Nomadic Environment” (2014) Held at Theatre and the nomadic subject, Helsinki, Finland.

Ernst, Manilla – ”Barns delaktighet i digitala miljöer” (2014) Centrum för barnkulturforskning, Stockholms universitet på kursen Barnkultur 1.

Ernst, Manilla – ”Nutid, dåtid, framtid” (2014) Talade bl.a. om Antigone och samtida scenkonst för barn. Barnens scen i Malmö.

Ernst, Manilla – ”Barns perspektiv och barnperspektiv” (2014) Bl.a. om Antigone och receptionsstudie och barnens utsagor. Teater 23 Malmö.

Barkhuus Louise, Rossitto Chiara, Ekenberg Love, Sauter Willmar, Forsberg Rebecca – Interactive Performances as a Means of Social Participation and Democratic Dialogue (p 11-20) Presented at the workshop on “Cooperative Technologies in Democratic Processes” held at COOP2014, Nice, France.

Sauter, Willmar, Ekenberg, Love, Mihai, Adriana – Paneldiscussion Taked about Haimon. (2014) Held at: FIGURATIONS OF INTERMEDIALITY IN FILM, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Sauter, Willmar – ”Acting Reconsidered” (2014) (Ada) Vilnius, Latvia

Sauter, Willmar, Ekenberg, Love, Forsberg, Rebecca – ”Antigone’s Diary – A Drama on Mobile Telephones in the City” (2014) Contemporary Theatre Review


Sauter, Wilmar – ”Projektpresentation” (2013) DSV, Stockholms Universitet.

Ernst, Manilla – ”Mobiltelefonteater och barns delaktighet” (2013) Centrum för barnkulturforskning, Stockholms universitet på kursen Barnkultur 1

Ekenberg, Love, Forsberg, Rebecca, Sauter, Willmar – ”Antigone’s Diary – A Drama on Mobile Telephones in the City”, presentation at the conference Rethinking Intermediality in the Digital Age, (2013) Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Ernst, Manilla – ”Vad får ditt hjärta att börja slå? -Tanken på att min tweet kan synas i en pjäs” Rapport om ADA FTW, (2013) Centrum för barnkulturforsking, SU

Ekenberg, Love – ”Citizens’ comminications, in Women in Science” (2013) Styx förlag, Stockholm.

Rossitto Chiara., Barkhuus Louise – “Maryam: Blending drama into the cityscape” (2013) in “Women in Science”, Styx Forlag, Stockholm.

Sauter, Willmar – ”Presence, Place and Participation, Women in Science in the forefront of digital theatre” (2013) in “Women in Science”, Styx förlag, Stockholm.

Hansson, Karin – “Art as participatory methodology.” (2013) Tidskrift för Genusvetenskap [Journal for Gender Studies] 2013(1).

Hansson, Karin, Ekenberg, Love, Cars, Göran, and Danielson, Mats – “The importance of recognition for equal representation in participatory processes – Lessons from Husby.” (2013) Footprint: Delft Architecture Theory Journal 13, autumn 2013.


Sauter, Willmar – ”Interference Between Present and Absent Performers Time-specific Performance as Phenomenal Experience” (2012) NTS

Sauter Willmar, Forsberg, Rebecca – ”Digital teknik i publikens tjänst?” (2012) Teatertidningen

Hansson, Karin – “Performing the common: Recognition in online participatory processes.” (2012) Licentiate thesis at Stockholm University, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences.

Sauter, Willmar – ”The Presence of the Actor in Time-Specific Performance”. Proceedings from Vilnius Conference