Lise & Otto

This play is written by Lovisa Milles and tells the story of Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn, two scientists who managed to interpret the fission of heavy nuclear in 1938. A discovery that changed the world.

As the two scientists continued their joint research in Berlin, World War II forced the jewish researcher Lise Meitner to flee and seek refuge in Sweden. But Lise and Otto continued their work despite distance writing letters.

Lise & Otto is one play on two stages. It is a technically advanced production that show in two places simultaneously. One audience meets Lise and another meets Otto, while they meet each other virtually.

In 1944 Otto Hahn alone was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their discoveries.

Lise & Otto is the first play in the trilogy Women In Science. The other two are ADA FTW and Maryam.